A Little Space

The name of “A Little Space” comes from a quote one of my first influential yoga teachers Karin Nilsen would always recite at the end of her yoga classes. When I first began my journey of yoga, this recitation from the Chhandogya Upanishad in Karin’s firm but reassuring voice brought me a regular sense of peace, relief, and that all was and would somehow be well; even, if I did not understand how or believe it at that very moment. As I would lie on the floor at the end of her classes and she would lead me through relaxing my mind and each part of my body, while reminding to breathe now and again, something began to shift in me and I began to let go of all the things that were making me miserable and “stressed out.”

This is the lovely card that Karin would hand out to her students so we could remember.

With the regular listening to this recitation, I began to realize that I did not need anything outside of myself and definitely not anything fancy to be happy. “A Little Space” spoke to me when I was trying to think of a name for my desire to share that which changed me and my life forever. I wanted to find a name that would encourage people to focus on everything they already have — their own little space there at the center of their heart. My hope is that this name and this quote may bring you peace, relief and a sense of well-being. That, to me, is the essence of yoga — and tai chi — and for loving and enjoying life and being happy in this world.