Parking & Entrances

Please Note: There are different directions to park and which entrance to use, depending on when you are coming to class.

WEEKDAY MORNING AND AFTERNOON CLASSES: Please park behind the church in the back parking lot, off Harney Street. The entrance to the parking lot is on the south side of Harney Street and just east of the intersection of 36th and Harney streets.

The building entrance to use for the Weekday Morning and Afternoon Classes will be the side door, off Harney Street, as if you are going to the Evergreen Thrift Shop (see photo above). Once inside the foyer, take the stairs up to the left and go through the door at the top. Follow the hallway to the left through the main parlor until you almost reach the doors of the main sanctuary. Here, take the stairs to the left to reach the Old Parlor on the Third Floor.

WEEKDAY EVENING AND WEEKEND CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS: Please park in the large lot to the west, across the street from the front, of the church, on 36th Street.

The building entrance to use for the Weekday Evening and Weekend Classes will be the south patio door (see photo to the left). After entering here, go through the foyer doors and straight up the stairs and then turn right for the Old Parlor.



PLEASE NOTE FOR ALL CLASSES: THE OUTSIDE DOORS WILL BE LOCKED 5 to 10 MINUTES AFTER CLASS BEGINS, SO PLEASE BE ON TIME OR CALL ME IF YOU ARE RUNNING LATE. First Central is wonderful to offer us space, but it is essential we respect and keep the church building secure.