First Spring 2016 Sessions!

Hi All,
Happy Spring! How are you celebrating?
Here are a couple pictures of the sandhill cranes that I took last week. I want to make going to see them an annual event for myself!
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Also, this is the writing for The Congregationalist this week:
Upward and Outward — Get Things Moving in Spring
If you are having a difficult time getting yourself moving and motivated this spring, it is understandable. Look at what is happening in nature: The earth’s plants and animals are beginning to move more into the light and energy of springtime, but this is after hibernation and migration.
From winter’s energy of downward and inward, spring calls us upward and outward. Such a challenging shift can be assisted by beginning to: stretch and move more, gently is always better to start; eat lighter foods (especially spring greens); try squeezing half a lemon in a cup of warm water in the morning instead of coffee; walk outside or do some outdoor activity, breathe fresh air, and witness the gifts of the new season; of course, rest when tired; exercise and take care of your eyes; clean out your house and any other areas of your life that are no longer serving you; start something new, this includes healthy habits; and wake up earlier. Be gentle with yourself and other people for feelings of anger, rage, frustration, irritability or sadness. We are like bears coming out of our caves after a long winter: Some of us may have rested enough; others of us may not have!

Sign up now for the First Spring Sessions of weekly yoga, meditation and tai chi classes to learn more ways to soothe the angry or sad bear energy.


May we all hold space for ourselves to breathe, to be, to feel human once more.