The Connection of Knee and Kidney Health: February’s Workshop on Knees AND Hands! The Way of the Knees: Release, Soothe and Support, Sunday, 2/7/16, 1-3 p.m. at A Little Space Yoga & Tai Chi

I may be resheduling the cancelled Restorative Yoga class from yesterday to this Sunday, January 24th, 1-3 p.m. Please let me know if you would be interested.
I am looking forward to offering a workshop on the knees for the second year in a row. As many of you have been bringing up that you have been having issues with your hands this winter, I will also be sharing some hand and finger ideas. We will be using the hands quite a bit with our knees this workshop, so it will work perfectly.
Here is the writing for “The Congregationalist” on this workshop. Hope you can join us!

Learn About Your Own Knees and Simple Ways To Care For Them

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), closely linked to the practice of tai chi and qigong, each season is connected to two organ systems, which means not only the organs themselves but also what is connected to them and their function. In winter, these organs are the kidney and bladder organ systems. So this means wintertime can be a great time to strengthen not just the health of the kidneys and bladder but also that conditions related to them may also appear. What is connected to these organs are the adrenal glands, reproductive organs, hair, teeth, joints, bones, bone marrow, blood, spinal cord, brain, ears, low back, and even memory. The knees and their health particularly are connected to the health of the kidneys according to TCM: Take care of your knees, you take care of your kidneys; take care of your kidneys, you take care of your knees.

Some simple ways to care for your knees and your kidneys are:

  • Drink plenty of water;

  • Keep your body warm, especially the middle back where the kidneys are located;

  • Gently massage this middle back area of the kidneys and the front, inside and outside edges and back of your knees daily;

  • Learn about the knee and its natural movements and your habits of movement; and

  • Strengthen and release (stretch) the muscles around the knee regularly.

Join us for February’s Workshop for more on this topic of the knees and these ideas. Also, a few exercises for hands and fingers may also be included. Whatever shape your knees are in, be sure and thank them! This goes for whether they are the knee joints you were born with or not. All parts of us, or that become part of us, benefit from our gratitude, and so do we.

The Way of the Knees: Release, Soothe and Support
Sunday, February 7th
(Payment Due: Wednesday, 2/3/16)
1-3 p.m.